✓ Rust 7″ x 48″




What an interesting product!


Rust is a truly fascinating vinyl plank from the fusion of wood and concrete. This particular mix may appear strange at first glance, but the end result is attractive, light and warm. Give your decor a chic and sleek look with this versatile product that is available in 7×48 format for a linear and bold effect.


In addition, you can also choose the type of installation that meets your needs with our glue-down or 5G click system.





(click system installation)




Product code: LVTECHO0748EFS0RUST0

Color: Rust

Format: 7″ x 48″ (178mm X 1220mm)

Installation: Floating  //  5G Click

Composition: Luxury Vinyl Plank with stone powder composites and underlayment 1mm

Use: Residential  //  Light Commercial

Total thickness: 0.196″ (5.5mm)

Wear layer: 0.012″ (0.3mm)

Finish: UV-cured finish

Border: Micro-beveled



Units / Box: 10

Sq. Ft. / Box: 23.33

Weight / Box: 42.95 lbs


Units / Pallet: 600

Sq. Ft. / Pallet: 1 399.8

Weight / Pallet: 2 577 lbs


Residential warranty: 20 years

Commercial warranty: 5 years




(glue-down installation system)




Product code: LVTECHO0748DRBARUST0

Color: Rust

Format: 7″ x 48″ (178mm X 1220mm)

Installation: Glue-down  //  Adhesive required

Composition: Luxury Vinyl Plank 

Use: Residential  //  Heavy Commercial

Total thickness: 0.118″ (3.0mm)

Wear layer: 0.020″ (0.5mm)

Finish: UV-cured finish

Border: Micro-beveled



Units / Box: 12

Sq. Ft. / Box: 27.78

Weight / Box: 33.24 lbs


Units / Pallet: 540

Sq. Ft. / Pallet: 1 250.1

Weight / Pallet: 1 495.8 lbs


Residential warranty: 25 years

Commercial warranty: 10 years






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Echo EFS:

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Echo PRO:

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