With a 25 year residential warranty, you know that your new floor will meet your expectations for many years to come.



Extremely durable, vinyl tiles have a scratch-resistant wear layer. They are designed for real life.


Echo products are completely waterproof and have been designed to withstand the most serious damage as well as nasty stains without any problem.



Vinyl tiles are much more comfortable for the feet, legs and back than hardwood or ceramic tiles.


The new ECHOEFS technology now allows the installation of heating cables, according to the standards established by the cable manufacturer.



Made from 100% virgin vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles enhance the acoustics of your environment. Opt for our ECHOEFS products, equipped with an integrated membrane.


Our Products

Click installation system.

Almost all Echo luxury vinyl tiles are available with our click installation system. Whether it’s our EchoEFS system, installing this type of flooring has never been easier and faster.

Glue-down installation system.

With a glued installation, you ensure unmatched stability and resistance of your floor for many years.

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Echo, an excellent choice for high-traffic areas thanks to its scratch-resistant wear layer.

UV Treatment

Install Echo with confidence. Our special UV treatment protects the color of your floor against fading.

100% Virgin Vinyl

Echo is made from 100% virgin vinyl, so it is extremely stable and contains no harmful chemicals.

100% Antibacterial

Being waterproof, Echo luxury vinyl tiles are antibacterial and prevent the proliferation of microbes in your home.

Easy Installation

With our 5G click installation systems (EchoEFS), the installation of your floor requires very few tools and is done quickly without causing headaches!

Phthalate Free

With our Floor Score certification, Echo promises that our products contain no phthalate which can be hazardous for your health.

Technical Support

With Echo, there’s always someone ready to help you. No matter what you want to know, call 1.866.712.3445 for a quality technical service.

Succumb to the beauty of Echo

Inspired by nature, Echo products have been developed with particular attention to detail, enabling us to capture the full depth of stone, concrete and wood.


What Is LVT ?

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are gaining tremendous popularity in recent years in Canada and around the world. But do you know what the LVT is? Visit our page which explains in detail the different components and characteristics of this new floor covering category.

Is it really easy to install?

One of the undeniable advantages of the LVT is the ease with which it can be installed in all parts of the house. Do you consider yourself laying your new floor or simply want to know more about best installation practices? Visit our page to find out more about installing this flooring.